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    For 10 years, Mediakeys has been developing proprietary software solutions to gain technological and data independence.



    This all-in-one DSP allows advertisers to benefit from a suite of self-service tools to control each stage of their local communication while saving time and enhancing efficiency.

    • Bannner creation tool

      Use dynamic text fields to automatically create banner variants based on the address and name of the point of sale, product, period.

    • Geodata marketing

      Car buyers, Cinema addicts, DIY Lovers, Fashion lovers, Fast food lovers, Fitness fanatics and much more ... Access the data segments that interest you

    • Geobuilder

      Spend your advertising budget only on your territory. Constant advertising pressure. No wastage. Go beyond simple radius targeting. Draw your territory with custom shapes for pinpoint precision.

    • Multi-channel activation

      Display, video, social, search, native ... Reach your audience at every stage of the consumer journey. Mediakeys Platform allows you to create the most relevant media mix to achieve your goals. 

    • Proprietary Bidder

      Mediakeys Platform is a proprietary solution connected to all inventories to deploy cross-channel digital campaigns on the territory and the appropriate audience clusters.

    • Reporting

      Track performance in real time thanks to an intuitive dashboard. clicks, click-through rate, daily spend, impressions, clicks per day, heat maps ...

    Run powerful multi-local campaigns in a snap




    An unique worldwide database and planning tool. Our deeply Tech DNA has allowed us to develop our own tools to ensure the effectiveness of your campaigns and increase your return on investment.

    • Direct access to inventories

      With just a few clicks, we can provide you with the inventories available in any city in the world.

    • 10 years of history

      Thanks to this tool developed in-house more than 10 years ago, today we have a vision on all the formats and locations of the campaigns that we have managed for clients from different sectors all these years.

    • Datas, surveys and benchmarks

      We provide our clients with industry specific data on inventory used and investments purchased based on your campaign objectives.

    • A powerful collaborative tool

      Our different offices can coordinate and work at the same time on the tool to meet your international briefs.